Dental Sealants

Dental sealants or “pit & fissure” sealants are a very effective way of preventing cavities.  Sealants do not guarantee “no cavities”; however they may make your child less prone to decay.  They provide a physical barrier to keep bacteria and food out of deep grooves, making brushing easier.  Generally sealants are place on your child’s permanent molars or bicuspids but can be helpful for primary teeth in some cases. 

Placing sealants is easy , as no tooth structure is removed. The material is “painted” into the deep grooves of the tooth and is cured by a special light.  The protective coating will, however, remain in those deep grooves where the plaque and food are likely to collect. 

We recommend avoiding sticky foods and candy which may pull the sealant off the tooth.  Some examples are gummy bears, caramels, gum and fruit snacks (rollups, etc). 

We will replace your child’s sealants within the first 12 months after placement.  If a patient needs a replacement after that time a fee will apply.